Gemfan Flash 5152 PC Tri blade Propeller - Blue

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Gemfan Flash 5152 PC Tri blade Propeller 


Fresh from Gemfan's designers comes the amazing 5152 flash PC prop with unique vortex tip. Being made from Polycarbonate means these props are super durable and lighter that previous props and provide a quicker spool up due to less inertia and on the flip side helping with active braking.

It's new design gives you incredible thrust figures and you will find yourself catching some serious airtime after a short punch out. But that's not all, Gemfan used new 3D software called CATIA to model this prop to be awesome in all areas of flight. You will find yourself with more "grip" in the corners and a massive reduction in prop wash when pulling out of dives and powerloops.

This prop has been designed around the most popular of motors in the 2205 and 2206 range. 

Gemfan's own Sponsored pilots in Team Breakout have all now switched to this blade after finding its increased durability and "feel" to be superior to previous props.


In the bag:


2 x CCW 
2 x CW
1 x Gemfan sticker 

BRAND: Gemfan
MPN: GemF5152BLK